Measurement Solution's Overview


Product description

Testo offers competent and fair consultation in all questions to do with measurement technology.

  • Measurement Technology for Food 

In the food sector, different logistical tasks must act together to ensure that cold chains remain uninterrupted, and that product temperature and ambient conditions are monitored and documented.  

Testo provides the technology needed to fulfil these requirements.

  • Measurement Technology for Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Air conditioning and ventilation is a complex and varied field. The technical demands are high. Low energy consumption, high levels of operating safety, constant availability – at the same time, the air conditioning and ventilation of single rooms should be individually and promptly regulatable.

Testo offers the measurement technology required for this.

  • Measurement Solutions for Refrigeration Technology

Testo is setting standards in refrigeration technology with the manifolds for measuring, recording, regulating and analyzing refrigeration systems and heat pumps.

  • Measurement Technology for Heating and Installation
  • Measurement Solutions for Emission, Service and Thermoprocesses

Modern emission analysis must fulfil a range of demands – Testo continuously adapts to these demands: from ongoing emission checks, via the setting and optimization of combustion plants up to process monitoring in thermal manufacturing.

  • Portable Measurement Solutions for Industrial Applications

Measurement tasks in industry place differing demands on the technology used. It is crucial for all measurement tasks that the measurement technology is reliable. Testo offers portable measuring instruments and systems for the parameters temperature, humidity, pressure, rpm, flow and current-voltage.

  • Stationary Measurement Solutions for Air Conditioning and Process

The Testo humidity sensor has been in use for over 15 years, and has been continually improved - from the very beginning, the focus was on the two accuracy parameters measurement uncertainty and long-term stability. Owing to the design of the humidity sensor and the high degree of stability in Testo production and calibration, it is possible to guarantee a measurement uncertainty of 2 %RH, optionally also 1 %RH. In addition to this, the humidity sensor also has a high level of long-term stability.

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